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Based in the city of Manchester, we are the leading security firm in the North West of England which operates in major cities around the United Kingdom. We offer a comprehensive range of expert security solutions across multiple sectors.

Our mission is simple yet profound, to secure your business and assets, while maintaining the highest standards that are expected of a professional security firm.

Professional Security Services

Professional Security Services is a fresh security services provider with experience, knowledge, and dedicated professional employees managed by a proficient proprietor with over 20 years of involvement within the Security Industry.

The proprietor have experienced the changes and development within the security industry over the years from being non-regulated to being government regulated and managed by the Security Industry Authority, within the Manchester area of the UK and the benefit it has brought to the users of security services.


Professionalism is a crucial aspect of the security industry as it directly impacts public safety. Our security guards and officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals and property, and their professionalism can make a significant difference in preventing incidents and maintaining order.

We at Professional–Security work closely with training providers and regularly access the SIA website and ACT terrorism facilities to ensure our employees and subcontractors are aware and competent with industry training and standards.


Professional – Security believes reliability is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of security personnel in safeguarding people, property, and assets. Reliable manned security means that security personnel can be consistently depended upon to perform their duties diligently and professionally.

This involves being present at designated posts, following established security protocols, conducting regular patrols, and responding promptly and appropriately to security incidents or emergencies.

Our reliable manned security includes having well-trained and experienced security staff who are capable of handling various situations, such as handling access control, monitoring surveillance systems, and interacting with people courteously and respectfully.

Additionally, communication and coordination among our security personnel with other relevant parties, such as law enforcement or emergency services, are crucial for an effective manned security operation.

Regular training, clear guidelines, and continuous supervision contribute to the reliability of Professional–Security, manned security services, ensuring that security personnel can adapt to different scenarios and challenges while maintaining high performance and professionalism.


Professional – Security believes trust in security is crucial for individuals, businesses, and organizations. It means having confidence that the systems, processes, and measures in place are reliable and effective in protecting sensitive information and assets.

Building trust in security often involves transparency, strong encryption, regular updates, and following best practices to safeguard, assets, data, and privacy. We at Professional-Security Services. com understand and practice this with full competency.

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